You Need A PA

You know when you have those days when your bed is your best friend and your unopened post is sat next to you piling up and you just KNOW that they are all unpaid bills but you just can’t face opening them? Or you have a big birthday coming up and the thought of trying to organise a party just makes your anxiety go soaring? Well, why don’t you give Polly at You Need A PA a call and she can sort all of that for you plus more. She can be your PA for that day or half a day, or she can be your regular PA – whatever suits your needs. You Need A PA is a pay-as-you-go service that Polly offers and she is just the BOMB (I have to say that, she’s my sister!). As I know too well, when you have all these things building up that you need to organise it can really send your mental state in to a spin so let Polly sort it all for you, she can come to your house and sort everything so you don’t have to move anywhere. Her website can be found here with all of her contact details, testimonials etc. As she is my sister, she has a great understanding of what it can be like dealing with depression and she is very understanding, gentle and a joy to have in your house.

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