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I was still hungry in the taxi, upset about the mozzarella, worried that what would come next wouldn’t measure up...

Why Am I doing this Blog?


IMG_6472I have always loved cooking and when I was able to get out of bed I found it, and still do find it, incredibly therapeutic. Not only does the way you eat affect your mood, but you can also let out your steam or practice self-care through different cooking techniques.

In recent months I have found specific techniques that have really helped me get out my anger, frustration, stress etc but also made me practice self-care, being patient, being gentle on myself. This is now what I want to pass on to fellow sufferers. I am not expecting it to work for everyone, but if I can help one person start to feel better through cooking then I will be a very happy lady!

The one thing I want people to remember is that you don’t have to be a top Chef to do these recipes, they’re for anyone to try and if it doesn’t taste great but has helped pick up your mood a bit then that’s great! You can always make it again another time and tweak it and it will get better and better. And another thing to remember is to be gentle on yourself; it is perfectly ok to take a break if it is making you stress or panic. This is all to help you feel better, not worse!!

Disclosure: I am not a therapist; I haven’t been trained in Psychiatry or Psychology, nor am I a Nutritionist. Everything on this blog is to help other sufferers cope in ways that helped me. If you are struggling and need help, please do go and see your doctor or a therapist, and in worse case scenarios get to A&E or call the Samaritans helpline if you are suicidal. Everything I know is through experience and won’t be the same for every person. I will always try and answer emails and questions but again, I will only be able to answer from experience rather than from a professional point of view. I, like so many others, still have setbacks and won’t have great days and of course am not completely healed, I never will be – but I am learning to cope and doing this blog and trying to help others is helping me learn more about this disease. Also, I apologise for any offensive language! I am writing this blog from the heart and vowed when I started it that it would be written colloquially, which includes words that I quite often make up!