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I was still hungry in the taxi, upset about the mozzarella, worried that what would come next wouldn’t measure up...

Writer’s Block

I’ve been making excuses about why I haven’t written a new piece for the last week or so, mainly because I’ve been ‘too busy’. But really I’ve had a sort of writer’s block and my head has been mad so not really known what to write about. So, I’m going to tell you a bit […]

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Self Care Part 1

Something I am so good at forgetting to do when I’m feeling down is practising self-care. Everyone has their own self-care practises but these are some of mine that I’d like to share with you in case you need some inspiration. I will do more at a later date but hopefully these will start you […]

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The Ugly Truth

Warning – this post is intense and may be hard to read for some people but it needs to be said. I’m not perfect. In fact, I am far from perfect. I never will be perfect, and I never want to be perfect – that would just be boring. I am a human being who […]

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