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I was still hungry in the taxi, upset about the mozzarella, worried that what would come next wouldn’t measure up...

World Mental Health Day Part 2 – Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

A few years ago, I started hearing about this amazing charity called Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, which was set up by Charlie Waller’s family after he took his life due to his battle with the Black Dog. Since then, I go to their Carol Service every Christmas and do their canapés afterwards, I receive their […]

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World Mental Health Day Part 1 – Inside My Head

Today (Tuesday 10th October) is World Mental Health Day. I haven’t written a post in ages so what better day to write one. I’ve been busy with work and also procrastinating writing but I’ve decided I will take the time today to write something. Recently I had a night of insomnia, which I haven’t had […]

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Helping Others Helps You

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that my old Therapist used to suggest that when I’m feeling rubbish, I should go out in to the street, find someone lost and give them directions and it would make me feel better. It’s true! Helping others really does make you feel better. In the recent […]

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You Need a Vicky – Start With Your Sock Drawer

The GORGEOUS Vicky Silverthorn is my sister’s business partner (You Need A PA) and has written the most fabulous book on how to stay organised in your home. Vicky is a professional ‘de-clutterer’ who helps Clients sort their lives and homes out so that they can have a more stress free and uncluttered life. I’m […]

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Eating with an Eating Disorder

In this post I am talking only from personal experience and my views may not be the same as other people. Everyone has different experiences and I hope that maybe with this post I can help someone who identifies with some of my issues. I am lucky in that I have never developed full Anorexia, […]

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Let’s Talk About Suicide

People squirm and start freaking out when you mention ‘Suicide’. But why? Yes, it’s an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but one that needs to be talked about. Statistically speaking men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women, why, I don’t know! But suicide in women is increasing rather rapidly. Yesterday was […]

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